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Turns Out Bart Simpson's Megaphone Prank Probably Wouldn't Have Worked


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If you're a Simpsons fan, surely you remember the scene where Bart found ten megaphones, and lined them up to see what would happen.


The sound he made was so loud that it shattered every window in Springfield, and all of Homer's Duff bottles.

While this was an awesome prank, The Simpsons isn't exactly known for being scientifically accurate. Which is why TheBackyardScientist decided he'd replicate it to see what happened.

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And the results were... disappointing.

Using one megaphone gave a sound level of 79.7 decibels, while using TEN only raised the sound level to 81dB. For reference, the average vacuum cleaner is around 87dB. Not quite enough to shatter windows...

At the end of the video he gives a really good explanation of how sound waves work and why the megaphones didn't go as loud as they did on The Simpsons. I am not intelligent enough to paraphrase it so please just watch.