19 Reasons "Schitt's Creek" Is The Best Show Since "Parks And Rec"

    David: King of sweaters and facial expressions.

    1. When David pointed out Moira's past mistakes.

    2. When Johnny tried to get the town's sign changed.

    3. Every time David made any type of facial expression.

    4. Honestly, every time.

    5. When Moira was all of us.

    6. And when David used this perfect wine metaphor to explain pansexuality.

    7. When David ran away to live with the Amish.

    8. And when he was asked to help out with some life issues.

    9. When Alexis knew how to have a good time.

    10. When Moira had no shits to give.

    11. And when she just wanted more wine.

    12. When David had the best advice.

    13. And when he really, really could not accept a cheque. Really.

    14. When he got in touch with Mother Nature.

    15. And when he dragged Stevie's car.

    16. When Moira had no idea how the fuck to fold cheese, but had to pretend she did.

    17. When Stevie knew how to take a compliment.

    18. When Moira dressed up for an event.

    19. And when David and Alexis criticised their dad's choice of sleepwear.