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We Tested These Sand-Proof Towels And They're Honestly A Game-Changer

Sounds so fake.

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Recently, I was scrolling through Instagram (as you do) and saw a suggested ad for something I thought was impossible – a beach towel that repels sand.

There's nothing worse than a towel/bag/car/house full of sand, but it's almost unavoidable after a day at the beach. I'd kind of just accepted it as a first world problem I'd always have to live with, because SURELY there's no such thing as a sand free towel?


Scoffing slightly, I clicked through to the Tesalate website where they claim to have towels that are engineered to make sand slide right off them. Apparently, I read, they're also super-absorbent, quick-drying, and roll into a small size. That's #goals especially if you want to go out after the beach without lugging a soppy wet towel everywhere.

But I was still dubious, so I ordered one to really try it out for myself.


All the towels come with a colourful pattern on one side, and a black-and-white geometric pattern on the other. They're a bit flatter and less fluffy than a normal beach towel, but the size is good. I'm tall and could comfortably lie on it on the beach without hanging off the edges too much.

I first tried it without getting it wet, just as a blanket to sit on the dry sand. It worked perfectly. When I was done, I shook it out and all the sand came off really easily. But I knew that when it came in contact with water and sand, it would be a different story.

So I went for a swim, came back out, and sat on the towel getting it all wet and prime for optimal sand stick-ability.


A quick note – this definitely isn't the comfiest towel to lie on. It's more like lying on a sarong or a thin blanket, as it has no fluffiness or padding. Also the thinness means that you don't get the same satisfaction of wrapping it around yourself to warm up after a swim in the surf. It does a great job of getting you dry but will do nothing to get you warm.


Also they were not lying about it being quick-drying. I hung it up in the sun after swimming, and it went from very wet to bone dry in about an hour.

My verdict: It works! It's great for the beach, the sand slides right off. If you love fluffy towels, though, you should steer clear.

It's also so, so good for travelling. The combo of quick-dry and compact makes it fit in literally every bag, and it wont take up too much luggage space. I took it on a trip where we swam every day and not once did I have to put it in my bag while wet.

Sure, they aren't the cheapest towels around but I personally think the $79 price tag is worth it – and I'm stingy as hell.