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22 Reasons Everyone Needs To Date An Aussie At Least Once

We'll love you like a box of original Shapes.

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1. We'll cook for you.

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2. We'll go to extreme lengths to get you a beer.

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3. And any excuse will do.

4. We've got great taste in food.

5. And we have great taste in music, too.

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6. We're fiercely loyal to the people and things that we love.

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7. We're pretty much all engineering geniuses.

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8. Because we know just how to get things done with the resources we've got.

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9. And our men really are in a class of their own.

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10. We know how to celebrate.

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11. We're all about beautiful art.

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12. And we're romantic AF when you give us the chance.

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13. We have very strong beliefs, which we will fiercely defend.

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14. We take our politics very seriously.

15. We know how to have fun, even with limited supplies.

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16. And we're equipped to deal with shit like this on a daily basis.

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17. We learned how to budget and save from a very young age.

18. We've all acquired a very particular set of skills.

19. And we've got culture coming out the ears.


20. We're always safe.

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21. We have an extensive vocabulary.

22. But most of all, we really DGAF.

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