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    16 Things You'll Only Get If You Think Adele Is Overrated

    Rumour has it that IDGAF.

    1. Look, Adele is fine.


    2. You'd never argue that she's a bad singer...

    3. ... but you just dgaf about her or her music.

    4. When you hear the first line of "Hello" come on the radio, you're like, "goodbye".

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    5. You just can't understand why people would want to listen to music that makes them want to drink wine and cry about their exes?


    6. And tbh it's not THAT great.


    ^ Your face when people tell you about how great Adele is.

    7. Though you don't like to admit it in public because people look at you like you've just stepped on their child.


    8. Every day you hear people talk about how amazing she is, and you're just like:


    9. You've tried to listen to her album the whole way through, and you can admit that it's nice...

    ...but you wouldn't go out of your way to listen again.

    10. Because it's kind of, extremely, dreary AF.


    11. And a little overrated.


    12. And sometimes you feel like the only person in the world who thinks that.

    13. Especially when things like this happen and everyone falls in love with her even more.

    UGH why you gotta be so damn likable?

    14. Though, she does look pretty fun to hang out with.


    15. But overall, you tend to agree with old mate Noel:

    16. Because, sure, she can sing. But you just don't know what makes her so goddamn special.

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