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    The Definitive Ranking Of Disney Sidekicks

    Where would our heroes be without their loyal followers?

    30. Flower


    This is the only time that you'll think a skunk is adorable. Flower is a cute little sidekick but doesn't have much personality so isn't even on the same level as Thumper.

    Why he's better than Faline: He named his first son Bambi. Adorbs.

    Fun Fact: Skunks were kept in the Disney zoo for animators to study while creating this film.

    29. Flounder


    Sorry Flounder, although you provide great comic relief and are a loyal friend to Ariel, you unfortunately are not on the same level as Sebastian. Despite his panicky nature in stressful situations, he always sticks around to protect Ariel.

    Why he's better than Scuttle: Even though he can't actually leave the ocean, he still hangs around the castle waiting for news of Ariel and Eric. Ultimate fishy wingman.

    Fun Fact: The character of Flounder was originally going to be a dolphin named Breaker.

    28. The Fairies


    Everyone wants a fairy godmother (or three), but you can probably do better than these guys. To be fair, Merryweather did save Aurora from death so they're not totally unworthy of this list.

    Why they're better than Aurora: They can fly, and if they didn't argue so much they could probably get a bunch more useful stuff done.

    Fun Fact: When the fairies discuss how to help the king and queen, Merryweather makes cookies in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

    27. Tinker Bell


    Let's be honest here, Tinker Bell is a bit of a bitch. She tried to have Wendy killed and accidentally tells Hook where Peter's lair is. In the end, though, she did definitely redeem herself by drinking poison and saving everyone from Hook.

    Why she's better than Peter Pan: Tink showed that she'd be willing to die to protect her friends, and still had a lot of fun on the way.

    Fun Fact: Tinker Bell has been featured on more Peter Pan merchandise than any other character in the movie.

    26. Dug


    This adorable puppy makes you wish every dog could speak. Though he originally started out as an accomplice to the baddie Muntz, his allegiance changes when he meets Carl and Russell.

    Why he's better than Russell: Dug gives us a happy reprieve from the depressing opening sequence of the film, and he ends up being the one to help Carl & Russell survive.

    Fun Fact: You can see Dug's shadow on a wall in Paris in the film Ratatouille, which was released before Up.

    25. The Seven Dwarfs


    You can't really dislike the dwarfs, especially considering they encompass every personality trait. Despite Grumpy's initial reluctance, they give Snow White a place to stay in the forest to avoid the evil Queen.

    Why they're better than Snow White: First off, someone should have told Snow White to never take food from strangers. None of the dwarfs would ever have fallen for that. AND in the end they were the ones to kill the Queen.

    Fun Fact: Other named considered for the dwarfs included Busy, Crabby, Daffy, Dumpy, Flabby, Helpful, Lazy, Scrappy, Sniffy, Snoopy, Stubby, Thrifty, and Wheezy.

    24. Sven


    Reindeers are better than people, that can't be denied. Sven is incredibly loyal to Kristoff, as they've been together since they were both young. His excitable nature and attitude means he's almost like an overgrown dog with antlers.

    Why he's better than Kristoff: Without Sven, Kristoff would never have been able to get back to Arendell in time to 'save Elsa' (though it turns out, he wasn't even really needed). Plus, apart from that one time, Sven has never tried to eat Olaf's nose.

    Fun Fact: Sven was originally going to be named Thor.

    23. Pacha


    A rare case where a human is sidekick to an animal. Though Pacha started off hating Kuzco, he ends up trying to help him get back to Yzma's lab to become human again.

    Why he's better than Kuzco: The Emperor is a real asshat at the beginning of the story, and it is because of Pacha that he ends up as a nice human being.

    Fun fact: Pacha was originally going to be a female who also served as a love interest for Kuzco. The producers ended up scrapping that idea and made it into more of a buddy film.

    22. Thomas O'Malley


    O'Malley the alley cat was a smooth-talking bachelor living a rule-free life, until he fell in love with Duchess and decided to help her get back to Paris.

    Why he's better than Duchess: He ended up saving the kittens by calling his alley cat pals to help out, and wins Duchess' love.

    Fun Fact: The character of Scat Cat was designed to be voiced by Louis Armstrong, but he was too ill to take the part.

    21. Thumper


    Thumper taught us all a very important lesson: "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothin' at all". As well as being damn adorable and making you want a pet bunny, Thumper is also a great friend to Bambi from childhood.

    Why he's better than Flower: Thumper taught Bambi to walk and speak (and sort-of ice skate).

    Fun Fact: Thumper is mentioned as being Roger Rabbit's uncle in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?.

    20. Cogsworth


    Lumière's best friend and apparent rival, Cogsworth is his more serious counterpart who likes to follow the Beast's rules. Despite this, he does end up helping to get Belle and the Beast to fall in love.

    Why he's better than Chip and Mrs. Potts: Cogsworth is a bit pompous and stuffy, but he's loyal and does what he can to help his friends.

    Fun Fact: The role of Cogsworth was written specifically with John Cleese in mind but he turned it down.

    19. Pegasus


    Hercules' personal steed, Pegasus, was given to him as a baby by his father. He gets a bit jelly of Hercules' huge crush on Meg, but overall he's loyal and friendly.

    Why he's better than Hercules: He's a flying horse. Created from clouds. By a god. Enough said.

    Fun Fact: According to the original myth, Pegasus was created not from clouds, but from the blood of Medusa.

    18. Raymond


    Raymond is a little firefly with a huge heart, and is in love with a star named Evangeline. He helps Naveen, Tiana and Louis get to Mama Odie, and is finally united with his love when he (spoiler alert) dies at the end of the film.

    Why he's better than Tiana: Raymond would do anything for love, including challenging a frog to a fight over a star.

    Fun Fact: Ray was originally going to recover after being stepped on by Dr. Facilier, but the filmmakers liked the idea of him joining Evangeline in the sky.

    17. Timothy

    Disney / Via

    Despite his size, Timothy is incredibly brave, and does everything he can to protect Dumbo and rescue his mother. He can't stand to see the elephant on his own, and becomes his only friend.

    Why he's better than Dumbo: Timothy is essentially Dumbo's talent agent, trying to make him rich and famous. In the end he succeeds, mainly because they get shit-faced and end up in a tree.

    Fun Fact: Apparently, Timothy's line, "Lots of people with big ears are famous!", was a reference to Clark Gable.

    16. Gus & Jaq


    These guys are Cinderella's only real friends while she's forced into slavery by her stepmother. They keep her company and turns out they're also pretty good dressmakers.

    Why they're better than Cinderella: Really, they're the only reason that Cinderella was able to escape and go to the ball. So she has them to thank for her freedom and happiness.

    Fun Fact: Jaq's and Gus' full names are actually Jackson Hopscotch and Octavius "Augustus" Lollygagger.

    15. Jiminy Cricket


    The best dressed grasshopper you've ever seen, Jiminy acts as Pinocchio's conscience, so is very wise and always optimistic.

    Why he's better than Pinocchio: Jiminy is brave, having no fear facing enemies much bigger than him (eg. Monstro), to save Pinocchio. His huge and blatant crush on the Blue Fairy is also very adorable.

    Fun Fact: In the original 1883 Pinocchio novel, Pinocchio killed Jiminy with a mallet and he came back as a ghost.

    14. Maximus


    The fiercest horse you've probably ever seen, Maximus is also a huge softie who was won over by hearing of Rapunzel's dream to see the floating lights.

    Why he's better than Flynn: He's a horse who can sword fight. He was also the one who saved Rapunzel and Flynn with the thugs from the Snuggly Duckling.

    Fun Fact: Maximus is the second Disney horse to sit like a dog on command, after Achilles from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

    13. Genie


    Who knew that genies were so charismatic, loud and... blue? Genie would have to be one of the most popular Disney characters to date.

    Why he's better than Aladdin: Let's face it, Aladdin would never have survived any of his adventures without Genie to save the day. Plus, he's damn funny.

    Fun Fact: Before Robin Williams was cast, Eddie Murphy, John Candy and Steve Martin were considered to voice him.

    12. Baloo


    Possibly the most chilled out of all Disney characters, Baloo's fun-loving antics make him a textbook example of a loveable sidekick. Baloo is super protective of Mowgli, coming to view him like a son.

    Why he's better than Mowgli: This is definitely a case of the sidekick being more loved than the 'hero'. Baloo was the one who taught Mowgli how to have fun. He also provides us with the best ever pun-based song, Bare Necessities.

    Fun Fact: His full name is Baloo von Bruinwald XIII. 'Baloo' means 'bear' in Hindi.

    11. Flit & Meeko


    This awesome raccoon and hummingbird duo show that you don't always have to get along to be best friends. Meeko is continually messing with Flit, who seems to be the more reasonable of the two.

    Why they're better than Pocahontas: These two know whats going on. They're always having fun, and Meeko has no problems playing with Percy even though he's the 'enemy'.

    Fun Fact: The Disney executives had Meeko and Flit lose all their dialogue to make the film a bit more serious.

    10. Louis


    Louis is just a humble alligator with the dream of being a famous jazz singer and trumpet player. Unfortunately for him, the fact that he is a large, scary-looking swamp animal is stopping him from living out his dream. His determination and excitable nature make him a great companion for Naveen and Tiana.

    Why he's better than Raymond: Though Ray has the whole misty-eyed love thing going on, Louis was the one who gave the frogs the idea to go to Mama Odie. He was also the biggest shipper of Tiana and Naveen, and ends up being a trumpet player at Tiana's Place.

    Fun Fact: He was named after Louis Armstrong.

    9. Lumière


    Lumière proved his kind heart by allowing Belle to eat, and by giving the Beast lessons in being civilised and whatnot. HELLO, he was the one who told the Beast to give Belle the library. Now try to say he's not awesome.

    Why he's better than Cogsworth: Sure, some would say that their opposing personalities complement eachother, but Cogsworth is too stuffy. I guess you could say he's... tightly wound.

    Fun Fact: 'Lumière' means 'light' in French.

    8. Mushu


    By far the funniest character in the film, Mushu has the attitude of a huge dragon and doesn't let his size stop him- just don't call him a lizard.

    Why he's better than Mulan- Yes, Mulan does go to war to save her country. But lets face it, she could never have done so without Mushu, and she sure as hell wouldn't have had as much fun without him.

    Fun Fact: Originally, animators drew Mushu with two heads.

    7. Olaf


    The happiest snowman ever, Olaf likes summer and warm hugs. He doesn't seem to quite understand the relationship between ice and heat though.

    Why he's better than Elsa & Ana: He's always in a good mood, seems to really love life, and has great wisdom: "Love is putting someone else's needs before yours".

    Fun Fact: The idea of Olaf came from another Hans Christian Anderson story, in which a snowman falls in love with an oven, but can't be anywhere near it.

    6. Sebastian


    Essentially, Sebastian is like Ariel's court-appointed psychiatrist who is supposed to keep her out of trouble. Though he was originally supposed to be spying on Ariel, he got roped into her crazy land adventure. If only all crabs had cool Jamaican accents like his.

    Why he's better than Ariel: Under the Sea. The whole song.

    Fun Fact: Sebastian was originally going to be an English-butler crab named Clarence.

    5. Dory


    The first fish to make short-term memory loss hilarious, Dory is the perfect accompaniment for Marlin. Despite her naivety (yes Dory, going to a Shark Club might be dangerous), she's talkative and fun, making her a great friend despite her sometimes irritating ways.

    Why she's better than Nemo: She can speak whale AND read human. That's pretty damn impressive for someone with memory problems.

    Fun Fact: Dory was going to be a male character. When the screenwriter was writing the script, he overheard his wife watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show, changed Dory to a female and cast Ellen.

    4. Pascal


    The most badass chameleon there ever was, Pascal was basically the only one on Rapunzel's side until Flynn fell in love with her.

    Why he's better than Rapunzel: Lets face it, to begin with, Rapunzel is a bit of a pansy. It takes her 18 years and the appearance of a sexy mysterious stranger to leave her tower. On the other hand, Pascal doesn't take shit from anybody and could have left Rapunzel behind ages ago if he'd wanted to.

    Fun Fact: When we see Rapunzel as a baby, there is a chameleon plush attached to the mobile above her crib.

    3. Remy


    Remy is just a little rat with a big dream of being a chef. Unfortunately, because every human thinks rats are disease-ridden monsters, rats and kitchens don't mix very well from a hygiene standpoint.

    Why he's better than Linguini: Remy knows exactly what he wants to do in his life, and is determined to do everything he can to get there. Plus he's super cute, and his food creations look amazing.

    Fun Fact: Remy is the second Pixar protagonist to not have a love interest (the first was Sully).

    2. Abu


    Though his tendency toward kleptomania often gets Aladdin in trouble, Apu truly is a loyal best friend. He broke him out of the dungeon, knocked out Iago, and also makes a pretty cool elephant if you need to impersonate a prince.

    Why he's better than Genie: Though Genie could be a pretty useful friend to have, he'd probably be a bit embarrassing to hang out with in public.

    Fun Fact: 'Abu' is ancient Egyptian for 'elephant'.

    1. Timon & Pumbaa


    There's no way you can separate these two. By far the best characters in The Lion King, and possibly in the history of animated film, Timon & Pumbaa saved Simba and practically raised him as well. Who could forget that they also taught us the motto that we should all be living our lives by, 'Hakuna Matata'.

    Why they're better than EVERYONE ELSE: First off, they are awesome wingmen who helped Nala and Simba get it on with their beautiful singing (Can You Feel The Love Tonight). Then they helped Simba defeat Scar, and managed to fit their hula routine in there too.

    Fun Fact: Timon & Pumbaa are based on the characters Rosencrantz and Guildenstern from Hamlet.