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    Women Remember Murder Victim Stephanie Scott With Their Wedding Dresses

    #putyourdressout is trending on what would have been her wedding day.

    The body of murdered NSW woman, Stephanie Scott was found this week in a national park near Griffith.

    The Leeton school teacher was due to be married this weekend, and Australians have taken to social media to pay tribute.

    Today Stephanie Scott should have been wearing a wedding dress. Tragically it remains on a hanger. #putyourdressout

    Such a tragedy #putyourdressout #rememberstephanie @fitzyandwippa @ChrissieSwan

    Women are sharing photos of their wedding dress or another dress that is special to them.

    Thinking of Stephanie Scott and her family and friends on this sad day #putyourdressout

    Using the hashtag #putyourdressout, they are sending their love to Stephanie's family and friends.

    Some of the photos are truly beautiful.

    And they reflect the sadness and shock that the whole country has felt since her disappearance last Sunday.

    The hashtag also serves as a reminder of the 30 other women who have been murdered in Australia this year.


    Today was the day Stephanie Scott was to be married, today we show our solidarity #putyourdressout #rememberstephanie

    30 women have been murdered already this year in Australia #putyourdressout #rememberstephanie @WhiteRibbonAust

    #putyourdressout & sign this petition to help prevent violence against women #RespectNow

    For solidarity, for love and for Stephanie.

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