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21 Productive People Share Their Best Tips For Getting Shit Done

Let's do this!

Recently we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their best tips for being productive. Here are some of our favourite responses.

1. Find one place to study or work.

2. Embrace a to-do list.

3. But structure your lists with actionable items.

4. Or prioritise your tasks with colours.

5. Try bullet journaling.

6. Give yourself time to breathe between tasks.

7. Have a list of projects to do when you have a spare hour.

8. Do some light exercise to help you focus on whatever you need to get done.

9. Make things fun.

10. Break up your to-do list with things you want to do.

11. Reward yourself!

12. Or set up a reward system.

13. Keep yourself away from your phone.

14. Make sticky notes your friend.

15. Work in chunks.

16. Keep yourself accountable.

17. Embrace the mornings.

18. Just do a bunch of small, productive things to make you feel good.

19. Meditate.

20. If you have short tasks, JUST DO THEM.

21. And if all else fails, start your day by making your bed.

Note: Not all responses came from BuzzFeed Community members. Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

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