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Updated on 3 Sep 2020. Posted on 13 Jul 2015

23 Times Tumblr Totally Got What It's Like To Own A Cat

"Well, my cat's fallen asleep on my lap so basically I can never move again."

1. When your cat plays it really, really, really cool.

2. When you can't be with anyone who doesn't share your love for your feline friends.

3. And TFW your cat knows the exact wrong place to stand.

4. When coming home to your kitty is the best part of your day.

5. Because your cat is one of the most important people in your life.

6. And they're almost always on your mind.

7. When your cat pays attention to you and it's like all your Christmases have come at once.

8. Though actual Christmas is more difficult with cats.

9. When your cat chooses to sleep in your bed and you'll do everything you can to keep them there.

10. And when you just want your cat to love you, just for one minute.

11. When you can't leave the house without being covered in a fine coating of cat hair.

12. And when your cats get all up in your grill when you least want them to.

13. When your cat's favourite toy is the book you're trying to read.

14. When your cat can literally do no wrong.

15. And when it eats something it shouldn't.

16. When you have a sleeping cat in your lap and you can never move again.

17. And when your computer keyboard is the most comfortable seat in the house.

18. When your kitties always want to play at the most inconvenient times.

19. When you feel like you need to shut your cats in a different room when you change your sheets.

20. When your cat's favourite toy will always be the cardboard box.

21. When your love for your cat is unconditional.

22. Even though you have to take certain precautions.

23. And when you wonder what they get up to all day while you're at work.

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