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    Posted on 29 Oct 2015

    22 Photos That Only Pizza Lovers Will Understand

    You'll always have a pizza my heart, pizza.

    1. When people don't understand that you ordered a large pizza for yourself and have no intention of sharing it.

    When someone reaches for a slice of your pizza

    2. When you realise that this is the only photo you have pinned to your "Wedding" board on Pinterest.

    3. When you see inventions like this and you whisper to yourself: "What a time to be alive".

    4. When you realise that pizza is the most constantly reliable thing in your life.

    5. And this is you.

    Relationship goals .. #Slice #pizza

    6. When you feel physically sick at the thought of this poor pizza stuck up on the roof.


    7. When you see this t-shirt and you throw out everything else you own because you'll never need another shirt again.

    8. When you can appreciate the sentimentality of this card but you know that you'd never actually love anyone more than pizza.

    9. When you see this and get really confused because... why would you share a pizza?

    10. When you look at this kid and you immediately dub him as your new king.

    11. And when you look at this photo and just get mad AF that someone put something so dirty on your pizza.

    12. When you've accepted this as your future and you couldn't be happier.

    13. Because there's no one else you'd rather have in your bed.

    14. Except maybe this woman who you identify so fucking hard with.

    15. Although this guy also seems to really have his priorities in order.

    Universal Pictures

    16. And you know exactly what your future family photos will look like.

    17. When you look at this photo and you feel an emotional connection with the dude.

    Dominos Korea

    18. And with this cat.

    19. When you look at a photo like this and see it as a challenge that you could definitely complete.

    20. Though no matter what, you'll always want more slices.


    21. When you know exactly what's going to be on your tombstone.

    22. And you will never, EVER, no matter what, ever consider this to be a pizza.

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