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    This Country Has Disney Princesses On Its Official Currency

    "How much does that bread cost?" "Two Pikachus."

    This is Niue, a beautiful and tiny island in the Pacific Ocean.

    While the country has many wonderful things that make it special... its crystal clear water and rugged coastline...

    ...the best thing about it is its currency.

    Niue, population 1,200, uses New Zealand dollars, but also produces their own commemorative coins each year.

    New Zealand Mint / Via

    The 2001 collection featured Pokémon.

    In 2014, these colourful Disney coins were produced.

    New Zealand Mint

    While the $1 and $2 commemorative coins are legal tender in Niue, collectors have been paying handsome sums for them online.

    New Zealand Mint

    Want a coin worth $1? Well, you better be prepared to pay a lot more.

    It's gotta be a pretty cool country if you get to use these for buying your groceries.

    New Zealand Mint

    AND Niue was also the first country in the world to offer free wi-fi across the whole island.


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