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    26 Things You'll Understand If You Grew Up In Perth

    Is it really a Sunday if you don't go to Cottesloe?

    1. You practically grew up on the beach...

    2. ...and you've walked the sandbar at Point Walter at least once or twice.

    3. Winter isn’t really a thing that you've had to experience.

    4. But also, those east coasters don't even know what summer really is.

    5. Flights around Australia cost an arm and a leg...

    6. ...though it's so easy and cheap to just jet to Bali for the weekend.

    7. You’ve accepted that sometimes you have to pay $5 for a coffee.

    8. And a $15 pint doesn’t faze you any more.

    Instagram: @nbcbeerland / Via

    This is ON SPECIAL.

    9. You judge people by whether they live north or south of the river.

    10. You know Dockers supporters are the most loyal and patient in the world.

    11. Everyone in the city forgets how to drive when it’s raining.

    12. But no matter the weather, literally no one knows how to merge properly.

    13. You're all about Sunday sessions at The Cott.

    14. You’ll never pronounce Cockburn properly.

    Twitter: @mbudge / Via Twitter: @mbudge

    (Unless you live there.)

    15. You know that public transport is a joke.

    16. You’ve spent at least one Australia Day on the foreshore drinking goon or emu bitter.

    17. You took pride in the fact that every Neighbours or Home and Away character who didn’t get killed off always ended up moving to Perth.

    Channel 10

    18. Whenever anyone went on a trip to Sydney or Melbourne, you'd beg them to bring back some Krispy Kremes.

    19. You’ve spent at least one long weekend douth...

    20. ...which would be incomplete without a stop at Dunsborough bakery.

    21. And you'd always stock up on a ton of wine, which you ended up getting through a lot quicker than you'd planned.

    22. You know the Fremantle Doctor isn’t a medical practitioner.

    23. You’ve been on at least one school excursion to Rottnest Island.

    24. Or one to Adventure World, if your school was cool enough.

    25. Rick Ardon and Susanna Carr are as familiar to you as family.

    Channel 7

    26. And you know that Western Australia has the best beaches in the world.

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