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Passion Pop Is Goddamn Iconic And You Haters Need To Leave

Drinking it in a park is recommended, but not required.

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For those who don't know, Passion Pop is an iconic Australian beverage, usually enjoyed by teenagers drinking in parks.

And it's fucking delicious.

It's passionfruit flavoured champagne. What's not to love?

Though some stuck-up people may label it as "trashy" or "cheap", Passion Pop is basically a rite of passage for Aussie teenagers.

(Once we're 18, because underage drinking is wrong and we'd never think of ever doing that).

Back in the day, we only had Original PP, which cost $4, but now they've gotten all ~fancy~ on us and released flavours like watermelon and mixed berry.

(I've tried them all and not going to lie, they're just as fabulous as the OG.)

And also, (offensively), it's like 9 bucks which is just outrageous...?

But still worth every goddamn cent.

Every Australian girl has probably taken a photo like this at some point.

Because it's way better than that fancy French shit.

And even though we loved it as teens, it's still totally acceptable to drink as an adult.

Whack a strawberry on anything and it looks impressive.

Honestly, Passion Pop is a national treasure.

And we should be giving it the recognition it deserves.