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23 Jan 2017

23 Australia Day Events That Don't Just Involve Drinking In A Pool

Put down that stubby and get outside.

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1. Head to Barangaroo for a morning ceremony.

2. Check out the Yabun Festival.

3. Watch ferries race across the harbour.

4. See the fireworks at Darling Harbour.

5. Party in Parramatta.

6. Enjoy a big breakfast.

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7. Party like Kath and Kim.


This is technically on Straya Day eve, but at least it means you can get trollied and not have to work the next day. Supersmall Club is hosting a Kath and Kim event, with a $100 bar tab for the best dressed. Think ugg boots, bejewelled crops, netball skirts, and some tizzy earrings. There'll also be a BBQ from a purveyor of fine meats to line your stomach before you start downing the Bailey's. If you're in Sydney, check out this similar event.

8. Watch a doggy fashion show.

9. Eat yourself stupid at a food truck festival.

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10. Celebrate in Elder Park

11. Catch some cricket.


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12. Enjoy some classic Aussie food.

13. Get out of your comfort zone on the river.

14. Go out to Bribie Island.

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15. Get your sweat on.

16. Get in on a bit of classic Aussie culture.

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17. Participate in a watermelon-eating competition.

18. Enjoy an Aboriginal celebration.

19. Have a picnic with some responsible drinking.

20. Head to Fremantle two days later.

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21. Chill out with music.

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22. Spend a day at the beach.

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