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    18 Things All Aussies Have Done But Would Never Admit

    I see you, scanning those avocados as tomatoes.

    1. Gone to Bunnings just for a sausage sizzle.

    Instagram: @freocookster / Via

    2. Left butter in the Vegemite.

    3. Pretended you wanted to buy something at Baker's Delight, but really just helped yourself to samples.

    4. Scanned overpriced avocados as tomatoes at the self-checkout.

    5. Put an empty tin of Milo back in the cupboard.

    6. Drunk a Cruiser as an adult and actually enjoyed it.

    Instagram: @_vivian_nguyen / Via

    7. Chucked a sickie when in reality you're just really hungover.

    8. Eaten multiple Paddle Pops on a hot day.

    Instagram: @kaity3393 / Via

    9. Used the Myer gift card you got for Christmas at Liquorland.

    Instagram: @apadamson / Via

    10. Had a drunk nap in a kebab shop at 3am.

    11. Argued with a housemate about whether the sauce goes in the fridge or the cupboard.

    12. Used an ice cream container as Tupperware for way longer than you should have.

    13. Not bothered to clean your BBQ because the heat sterilises all the dirt anyway, right?

    14. Ditto the baked-on cheese on your Jaffle maker.


    15. Enjoyed chicken Twisties.

    16. Mixed goon with orange juice and called it a cocktail.

    Instagram: @browncardigan / Via

    17. Bought a $15 fan then complained how crap it is.

    18. And left your bins out for four days because you were feeling lazy, and kinda hoped your neighbour would bring them in for you.

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