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Only A "Grey's Anatomy" Superfan Can Beat This A-Z Quiz

Thirteen seasons, 26 letters.

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How to play: This is an alphabet quiz. The answer to the first question begins with A, the second begins with B, and so on. Good luck!

  1. A: Name Derek's sister who moved to Seattle.

  2. B: Name Bailey's second husband.

  3. C: What is Callie short for?

  4. D: What's the full name of the patient Izzy fell in love with?

  5. E: What was Meredith's mom's name?

  6. F: What was the vet's first name?

  7. G: Which intern operated on a heart in an elevator?

  8. H: Name the patient Teddy Altman married.

  9. I: Which character did lingerie modelling to pay for medical school?

  10. J: What's the name of the bar opposite the hospital?

  11. K: Who does Cristina call "evil spawn"?

  12. L: Which resident did Arizona sleep with?

  13. M: Name the hospital that Seattle Grace merged with in Season 6.

  14. N: What is Riggs' first name?

  15. O: Name the female nurse who slept with George and Alex in Season 1.

  16. P: Name the spin-off show featuring Addison Montgomery.

  17. Q: Addison treats a woman who has five babies at once. What's the medical terminology for this?

  18. R: What was ferry crash Ava's real name?

  19. S: What is the name of the show's creator?

  20. T: What is Bailey's son (nick)named?

  21. U: What is Catherine Avery's specialty?

  22. V: What was the first name of Dr. Dixon, the interim Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery in Season 5?

  23. W: Who got electrocuted during a giant storm in Season 9?

  24. X: What medical instrument do doctors use to look at bones?


    Yeah, I know this is a dumb question. I couldn't think of anything else.

  25. Y: Who had an ectopic pregnancy?

  26. Z: What is Meredith's daughter's name?

Only A "Grey's Anatomy" Superfan Can Beat This A-Z Quiz

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