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    This Blogger's Fantasy Food Is Truly Next-Level

    Who knew toast could be so pretty?

    Guys, please take a minute and look at this insanely beautiful toast.

    The incredible fantasy creation comes from Taline Gabriel, a health-food lover from Sydney.

    Her cookbook, website, and Instagram are filled with wholesome, delicious recipes that happen to also look damn magical.

    Taline told BuzzFeed that her creations are "heavily inspired by nature".

    And they really are different to the typical Insta foods we're all used to seeing as we scroll through our feeds.

    Even her more "normal"-looking foods are still styled to perfection.

    And the best thing is that they're all made with fresh ingredients that are good for you.

    Finally, some vegan food I can really get behind. 🙏

    Taline Gabrielian / Via

    You can find Taline on Instagram here.