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Spencer Hastings Made An Appearance On The Red Carpet

Is she asking Obama for help with A???

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Spencer Hastings is Pretty Little Liars' resident know-it-all and preppy princess.

ABC Family

We're all used to seeing Spencer in her hometown of Rosewood, being tormented by "A".

ABC Family

But it looks like "A" gave her the night off...

ABC Family

...because Spencer Hastings was photographed at the White House Correspondents' Dinner on Saturday.

Maybe the liars are getting help from the President to take down "A"?

ABC Family

Or has Spencer followed "A"s trail ALL THE WAY TO WASHINGTON?

ABC Family

Or is Obama "A"?

bArAck obAmA... coincidence?

(But seriously, Troian did look amazing despite being mistaken for her character <3.)

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