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    23 Times Kiwis Didn't Give A Single F*ck

    Seriously the most carefree nation in the world.

    1. When these guys didn't want to pay for removalists.

    2. When this guy looked fab for his license photo.

    3. When Tenacious D did not deliver the greatest weather report in the world.

    4. When the bakery got sassy.

    5. When this café had no time for pretentious filters.

    6. When they knew the importance of keeping warm in winter.

    7. When beer was advertised like this.

    8. When the cops needed a break.

    9. When Mr. Hagger couldn't resist the pull of fame.

    10. And when Andrew lamented his mugshot.

    11. When the residents of Matata got a little creative.

    12. When this guy threw actual poop at a politician.

    13. And when someone had an idea for a new candidate.

    14. When this guy scattered his sheep's food in an interesting pattern.

    15. When this guy was sick of the ignorance.

    16. And when the PM donned some interesting headgear.

    17. When this man just wanted a beer and a damn shark got in the way.

    18. When New World came up with an interesting new price algorithm.

    19. When all this guy wanted was to be a part of the action.

    20. When Gisborne had enough of crop tops and booty shorts.

    21. When this guy went for a casual kayak in a giant vegetable.

    22. When the Department of Conservation tried some new recruiting methods.

    23. And finally, when the postal system decided to jump on the Lord of the Rings jokes bandwagon.

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