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19 Side Effects Of Having A Mum Who Is Cooler Than You

"Mum, how do you know what 'on fleek' means?!"

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1. You find out about hip new bands from her.


2. And she’s always seen the ~cool~ movies that have just come out, with her friends who are also trendier than you.


3. Your mum has really great fashion taste.


4. And you pretty much want to borrow all of her clothes.


5. There has been an occasion where your friends would prefer to hang out with her than with you.


6. She goes on cool vacations to exotic places.

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7. If you hear of a cool new bar or club, chances are, your mum's been there already.


8. And she drinks something trendy like top shelf whiskey or $24 cocktails.


9. She uses cool words and slang that you don't understand.


10. She has interesting hobbies and talents.

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11. She goes to see live music every week.


12. She asks you to show her how to put filters on her selfies.


13. You decide to drop by her place for dinner and she’s out at some hip new bar or a dance class.


14. She uses more emoji than words when texting you.


15. If you wanna hang out with her on the weekend you need to ask her at least a week beforehand because she's always got plans.


16. Although you know that she'd always drop everything for you if you needed it.


17. When you look at old photos of her you can see that she's been this damn cool for her whole life.


18. And despite her active social life, you realise that she's spent literally every second since you were born making your life as perfect as possible.

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19. And honestly, that's probably the coolest thing about her.