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    Noni Hazlehurst Just Schooled All Of Australia With Her Logies Speech

    We are not worthy.

    Noni Hazlehurst, actor, presenter, and national treasure, was inducted into the Hall of Fame at tonight's Logie Awards.

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    And her acceptance speech was a straight-up gift to us all.

    Channel 9

    She went IN on a whole bunch of topics.

    She started by throwing some shade at Malcolm Turnbull's comments this week about asylum seekers.

    Channel 9

    "I was disturbed this week about a misty-eyed response to a particularly frightful human story in the news was deemed inappropriate, and we were exerted not to feel, not to have empathy, not to love."

    She touched on how children are affected by what they see on TV and around them.

    Channel 9

    "For many decades, Play School has been an icon, an oasis and a safe haven for children, in an increasingly complex media landscape and world. I started to see the world through a child’s eyes. They haven’t yet been conditioned. But also how overly frightened, and overwhelmed they are, how easily abused, and particularly how empathetic they are. No child is born a bigot."

    And then reminded us that not only children are affected.

    Channel 9

    "I suspect that almost none of us here, or watching, is immune from the growing incidence of depression, anxiety and suicide. We all know people who are struggling. We may be ourselves. And too many of our kids are. We’re all living under a heavy and constant cloud of negativity. We’re divided against each other and our fellow human beings, we find it hard to trust and we’re fearful for the future, and I think it’s because we’re surrounded by bad news and examples of our basest human behavior. I fear that our hearts are growing cold."

    THEN to top it all off, she spoke about race and gender in the media industry.

    Channel 9

    "The fact that I’m only the second woman to be granted this honor is merely a reflection of the prevailing zeitgeist, as is the odious suggestion in some quarters that the eligibility of our esteemed colleagues Lee Lin Chin and Waleed Aly to be considered for the gold is questionable. But opinions are clearly changing. Here we are. But they're changing glacially slowly."

    And our love for her could not be greater.

    ☆ @realNoniH thank you for giving the most open, honest, beautiful & moving winners speech of all time #Logies2016 #nonihazlehurst

    We need more people like Noni Hazlehurst. We need more people like Waleed Aly. We need more people like Lee Lin Chin.

    And of course, she CONTINUED going in during her speech later in the media room.

    Noni Hazlehurst in media room after Hall of Fame nod #TVWEEKLogies

    "I look forward to the day where it's not an issue whether a man or a woman, or an Asian person or a Muslim gets anything in this country. We share more similarities than differences. Any other idea is divisive and potentially disastrous."

    Thank you, Noni. For everything.


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