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    Posted on 27 Jul 2017

    27 Times Forever 21 Made Some Very Interesting Choices

    In what world do I need a "My commute is better than yours" shirt?

    1. When they didn't quite realise that this is the Australian flag.

    "This tee features a heart print with the Union Jack and American stars."

    2. When this shirt didn't look too ba- oh.

    "Wow things at forever 21 are super cute!" *turns it around* "Wtf"

    3. When this t-shirt literally made no sense.

    4. And when this one really didnt either.


    Forever 21 / Via

    6. When they had a real different idea of "knee-length" than the rest of us.

    7. When these boots seemed like a good idea.

    8. And when these boots were paired with a catsuit.

    9. When a feather boa met a choker and this happened.

    10. When some designer thought this "army" shirt was appropriate.

    11. When this mannequin was 100000% done with the day.

    12. And when these ones were spotted letting out a sneaky fart.

    Reddit: Rancidtybag / Via

    13. When these makeup sponges looked like they had... other uses.

    14. When a few modifications had to be made.

    Reddit: grillmeacheese / Via

    15. And when this (probably) Kanye-inspired jumper hit the shelves.

    Reddit: demianspindler / Via

    16. When this poor model's dress looked like it was being eaten by her crotch.

    Reddit: cmunk13 / Via

    17. When this shirt definitely seemed to celebrate rape culture.

    @Forever21 this is not fashion this promotes rape culture. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and stop selling it

    18. When this Star Wars jumper was just made up of random words that seemed relevant at the time?

    Forever 21

    19. When this transparent raincoat was honestly just a recipe for gross sweat.

    Forever 21

    20. When this confusing and offensive t-shirt somehow was put on sale.

    21. When this bold statement was made.

    22. When these stiletto boots really had a lot going on.

    23. When this mesh bodysuit had its debut, even though I can't really see how it's functional.

    24. When these heels looked more like cuffs from the 17th century.

    25. When these velvet garters were like chokers for your legs.

    26. When there was an entire range of Jesus-on-the-cross apparel.

    It's called #FASHION - you wouldn't understand. #Forever21 #wtf #funny #jesus

    27. And when these glorious sunglasses came into existence.

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