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27 Times Forever 21 Made Some Very Interesting Choices

In what world do I need a "My commute is better than yours" shirt?

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2. When this shirt didn't look too ba- oh.

"Wow things at forever 21 are super cute!" *turns it around* "Wtf"

3. When this t-shirt literally made no sense.


17. When this shirt definitely seemed to celebrate rape culture.

@Forever21 this is not fashion this promotes rape culture. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and stop selling it

20. When this confusing and offensive t-shirt somehow was put on sale.


21. When this bold statement was made.

22. When these stiletto boots really had a lot going on.


26. When there was an entire range of Jesus-on-the-cross apparel.

It's called #FASHION - you wouldn't understand. #Forever21 #wtf #funny #jesus

27. And when these glorious sunglasses came into existence.