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    26 Times New Zealanders Didn't Give Two Fucks

    No fucks left to give.

    1. This guy, rocking his jandal gumboots.

    2. This KFC-loving driver.

    Instagram: @lewis_de_artist / Via

    3. And this KFC-loving street.

    Instagram: @signsuppliesnz / Via

    4. This ice cream shop.

    5. These old mates just having a BBQ.

    6. The guy who issued this extreme warning.

    7. And this DIY bumper sticker-maker.

    8. Whoever made this sign.

    9. The supermarket worker in charge of sticking up ads.

    10. And whoever is giving this mystery gift.

    11. Waikato Council.

    12. This guy on his way to what is probably a lit party.

    13. And this guy who might be on the way to the same one.

    14. This man, the mayor of Invercargill, on his way to work.

    Facebook: video.php

    15. This artist.

    Rocky Webster / Via Facebook: kiwisnz

    16. Jony.

    17. This guy with his priorities sorted.

    18. And this desperate seller.

    19. Kev's mate.

    20. The creator of this homemade ute.

    21. The Countdown bakery staff.

    22. And this Eftpos machine.

    23. This guy who got clamped but had a spare in the back.

    24. The owner of this upcycled mailbox.

    Instagram: @ hilary .barry / Via

    25. Everyone involved in this company.

    Instagram: @adam_troughear / Via

    26. And John Key.

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