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    22 Of The Most Offensive Things That Have Happened To Breakfast

    Can't we all just agree to eat toast and be done with it?

    1. This mayonnaise monstrosity.

    Reddit: kirky365 / Via

    2. These buffet "scrambled" "eggs".

    Reddit: Bombaysche / Via

    3. This toast sandwich.

    Reddit: JP147 / Via

    4. This extremely rude pancake.

    Reddit: AnotherSmegHead / Via

    5. This cereal and OJ combo.

    Reddit: jelichu399 / Via

    6. And this poor man's "cereal".

    Reddit: jackofspaids / Via

    7. These microwave oats.

    8. This portrait of failure.

    Instagram: @melissaponzio1 / Via

    9. This "breakfast burrito".

    Reddit: Docbrownsthumb / Via

    And this popcorn omelette.

    10. This innovative way to get your protein in.

    Reddit: PuddlesOfFudge / Via

    11. This smoothie which probably would have tasted really great.

    Instagram: @mummydaddyandnoahbear / Via

    12. This lazy egg and cheese option.

    Reddit: Friff14 / Via

    13. These... hard boiled eggs?

    14. And this attempt at "just a pinch" of seasoning.

    Instagram: @ geirvild / Via

    15. This doughnut disappointment.

    16. This IHOP plating fail.

    Reddit: GonzoVeritas

    17. This meal which can be enjoyed on-the-go.

    Reddit: Worst_Lurker / Via

    18. And this marriage of three of the most American foods ever.

    19. These improvised coffee stirrer chopsticks.

    Instagram: @lindsay. marsh / Via

    20. This attempt at an Instagram-worthy smoothie bowl.

    21. These sad waffle remnants.

    22. And this, aka the worst thing on the internet.

    Reddit: Tygurz / Via

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