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    21 Quotes That Prove The Women Of "Harry Potter" Are The Real Heroes

    Who run the world? Witches.

    1. When Luna was wise beyond her years.

    2. When Hermione tried to convince Ron and Harry that the Half-Blood Prince could easily have been a girl.

    3. When McGonagall told Umbridge like it is.

    4. When Hermione needed to sort out her priorities.

    5. And then when she came full circle.

    6. When Ginny reminded Harry that he's not the only special one.

    7. When Hermione stood up to Papa Malfoy.

    8. And when McGonagall shared the same sentiment six years later.

    9. When Rowena Ravenclaw knew that brains will always get you ahead.

    10. When Narcissa would stop at no lengths to protect her son.

    11. When Ginny benefited from growing up with Fred and George.

    12. When Luna served this iconic line.

    13. When Madam Pomfrey knew exactly what Harry was about.

    14. When Fleur proved Mrs Weasley wrong.

    15. When Myrtle followed her heart.

    16. When Ginny refused to let Ron decide what she could and couldn't do.

    17. When Tonks proved why she's everyone's fave.

    18. When Hermione clapped back at Lavender calling Ron "interesting".

    19. When McGonagall helped Peeves unleash hell on Umbridge.

    20. When Hermione showed her loyalty.

    21. And of course, when Molly stood up to Bellatrix.