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21 Things You Learn When You Move Out Of Home

Must. Remember. To. Buy. Toilet. Paper.

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1. Sometimes it's easier to just buy new underwear instead of doing the laundry each week.


2. If you want ice cream for dinner, no one will stop you.


3. You can make pretty much any meal with just a microwave.


4. Toilets get dirty really, really quickly.

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5. Grocery shopping is great because you can buy whatever the hell you want.


6. But you have to remember to buy toilet paper.


7. Houses don't clean themselves.


8. You have to pay for electricity. And it's the worst.

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9. And ignoring the bills when they come in the mail is not the most constructive solution.


10. Hanging your clothes in the bathroom when you take a shower isn't quite the same as ironing, but it's usually good enough.


11. How to furnish your whole home with Ikea and Kmart things.

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12. Though it's a lot harder to put Ikea shit together than you might think.


13. No one's going to tell you to go to bed at the right time...but some mornings you wish they would.


14. It's really easy to get mould in the shower.


15. Mums make cooking look so easy.

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16. Throwing a party sucks because you have to clean up with a hangover.


17. Dishwashers are probably the greatest invention of our time.

18. Its not fun, but making a budget is necessary.


19. In hell, you probably have to clean out your fridge every day.


20. Going to the toilet with the door open is such a freeing experience.


21. And suddenly you want to hang out with your parents so much more.