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26 Photos That’ll Just Piss Off Every Aussie

"Paleo" and "vegan" just don't belong in the same sentence as "sausage sizzle".

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1. This headline, cementing Pete Evans as Australia's biggest knob.

2. This "Aussie" sub for sale in Singapore.

Reddit: CottonBalls26 / Via

3. And this absolute RIP OFF.

4. This national offense.

5. This creation, which ruins both a perfectly good avocado, and a perfectly good coffee.


6. This butter abomination.

@darth_rob_speedking / Via

7. And Starbucks' desecration of all that we hold dear.

8. This mash-up which deserves to go straight in the trash.

9. And this MasterChef-wannabe creation which sounds rank.

@davina_gd / Via

10. This fuckin' frankfurter.

Reddit: BigTed89 / Via

11. This American take on fairy bread.

12. And this re-appropriated pavlova.

Reddit: JDN87 / Via

13. This bacon and waffle-topped parma.

@berettas_langwarrin / Via

14. This breakfast which you wouldn't want to be eating on the run.

15. This avatar DJ, asking for your spare change.

16. This Australian-themed bar in the US doing didgeridoo shooters.


17. Every time Police twitter tries to make a joke.

We're receiving calls about a UFO (unidentified flashing object) in Sydney. Don't worry, it's just someone using their indicator.

18. And this disgusted vegan.

Sydney Barbecue Festival / Via

19. This overpriced jar.

@anthonyjsharpe / Via

20. This sad, empty party pie.

Facebook/Steven Braszell

21. This suggestion that an Aussie would even TOUCH Marmite.

@blocka00 / Via

22. This deconstruction of the servo classic.

brookebianca23 / Via

23. And this deconstructed sausage sizzle.

Melbourne Flames Dragon Boat Club / Via Facebook: 7NewsPerth

24. This absolute fucking joke.

@gary_pool69 / Via

25. These four words which should never, ever be put in a sentence together.

@kathykip / Via

26. And this sad pie attempt. RIP.

@jordy_smith_ / Via