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I Tried 5 Cheaper Alternatives To Kylie's Lip Kit And They Weren't As Good

Anything to avoid dropping $60 on a lipstick.

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Hello! I'm Jemima and I just spent $60 on a Lip Kit.

Yes, in the US they're only $29 each. But when you convert that to Australian dollars and add a hefty amount for shipping, my total was just over $60AUD. Which, admittedly, is a lot to spend on a product that I'd never tested or seen IRL. I also got it in a random colour that I didn't even like that much, because it was all that was left. Ah, the struggles of being a Kardashian fan.

A blogger recently discovered that Kylie's lipstick formula is almost identical to Colourpop Cosmetics' lipsticks, and it's a lot cheaper.

Unfortunately, Colourpop is not so easy to get your hands on here in Australia. So I figured I would test out the brands that we Aussies can buy in stores, not online, and see how they compared to Kylie's life-changing product.

Kylie's lipstick comes with a lip liner, while the rest of these products don't. For consistency's sake, I didn't use the liner while testing the Lip Kit.


Like I said, this is not my ideal colour. I'm usually a red-lipstick kind of girl (a part of my quest to slowly morph into Taylor Swift), so I'm not used to wearing this kind of shade. That being said, it's a pretty nice colour that I liked once I got used to it. The lipstick itself is the perfect consistency, which makes it easy to apply, and it's pigmented enough that I only needed one coat to get it looking right. After eating and drinking, it still stayed on my lips pretty well. It came off a little on the inside, but because the colour is so similar to my lips, it wasn't too easy to tell unless you got right up in my face. PS: I snack a lot, so it's pretty impressive that it lasted all day.

This colour is a bit heavier and darker than the Kylie one, and not as smooth to put on. I realise how weird this will sound, but it smells exactly like Paris Hilton's perfume Heiress. What a great 2006 vibe. Once it was on, it looked really good for a couple of hours – smooth and matte, but not too dry. Once I drank a tea it had started to rub off, and after eating lunch, it was pretty much all gone except around the outside of my lips. The tube also claimed that the lipstick is "kiss proof", so in the name of science, I put it on and made out with my girlfriend. It was certainly not kiss-proof, unless you're only doing air kisses, and what's the point of that.


It's a bit more nude than the Kylie one, and boy this stuff is THICK. It was hard to get on and spread evenly, without having visible brush strokes on my lips. It does smell faintly of strawberries, though, which is a plus if you're a Lip Smackers fan. That being said, it didn't even make it two hours without starting to come off, and that's just from me talking and drinking water. It's a shame, because it's a nice colour, but it's only worth getting if you want to keep reapplying it.

I love this colour SO MUCH. Yes, it is very very similar to my natural lip colour, but way better. It also has a really nice consistency – not too thick – and it goes on pretty smoothly. Once it was on my lips it didn't feel too heavy or dry. Even after I ate a banana and drank tea, it was still all pretty intact. After lunch, a little had come off on the inside, but because it's so similar to my lip colour, you couldn't tell unless you got up really close. By the end of the day, enough had stayed on that I didn't feel like I'd need to reapply before going out. I don't know if the same would happen with a darker colour, though.


First of all, yes, I do look like I've been low-key crying in that second photo. It was the day Taylor and Calvin broke up, don't judge me, thank you. Now... This lipstick is a lot more pink/coral than the Kylie one, which I'm not really a fan of. I love the brush for it, though – it's kind of like a soft horseshoe, which makes it really easy to apply. The lipstick itself feels really light, and not too dry at all. But after about 30 minutes of it being on my lips, it started to crack and dry up and look kinda gross. After I'd eaten, half of it was gone, making my lips look kinda scaly and gross. I am not a fan of this one.

I am so into this lip colour. Considering the cost, it was a pretty great quality. It went on my lips so easily, and was almost as pigmented as Kylie's. It did a pretty good job of lasting through the day, surviving two cups of tea and my lunch. It all came undone when I decided to eat an apple, and I ended up eating a lot of lipstick with it. All things considered, though, this dupe might be the best of the bunch.

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Though I loved the colour of the Revlon one, none of these dupes really stood up to the staying power of Kylie Cosmetics. The closest you can get is probably the Savvy lipstick, which unfortunately doesn't come in a huge range of colours. Unless you're happy reapplying every couple of hours, you'll have to fork over the big bucks to get the Lip Kit. At least now you have an excuse?