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21 Photos Of Food That Will Really Piss Off Australians

Repeat after me: It's not a sausage sizzle if you're using hot-dog buns.

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1. This fairy bread with long sprinkles:

2. And this thing, which has no business calling itself fairy bread:

3. This abuse of the "Create Your Taste" system:

Imgur: IzM26 / Via

4. This summer tragedy:

5. And this discovery, which you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy:


6. This bun, which is an attack on the classic sausage sizzle:

7. These vegan "chocolate crackles" made with quinoa:

8. This sad attempt at Vegemite bread:

9. And this café abomination:

10. These depressing leftovers of an assorted pack:


11. And these sad variety pack leftovers you'd do anything to avoid:


12. This Milo disaster:

13. This disheartening sight:

14. This sad tea break:


15. The new Killer Pythons which are now more of a killer worm:

16. This sad memory of what we'll never enjoy again:

McCain India

17. This chicken parma being tainted with the American flag:

18. This unnessecarily gourmet jaffle set up:

19. This price tag which will hurt your soul:

20. These sad sauces, which really belong in the fridge.


21. And this absurd lack of flavour: