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    Updated on 4 Jun 2019. Posted on 21 Sep 2016

    22 Teachers Who've Clearly Had Better Days

    Why are 8-year-olds so fascinated with poop?

    1. This teacher and her volcano experiment.

    Instagram: @mufujifi / Via

    2. This teacher who didn't notice her spelling error until halfway through the day.

    Instagram: @k_rogers82 / Via

    3. This teacher who found out the hard way what it's like to teach 8-year-old boys.

    Instagram: @beachgirlkel / Via

    4. And this teacher, who has to put up with Grayson all year.

    Imgur: nerge / Via

    5. This red-haired teacher who was really asking for it.

    Instagram: @molssa / Via

    6. This teacher who had the best of intentions.

    Instagram: @agross18 / Via

    7. This teacher with high artistic aspirations.

    Instagram:@catherine_greaves / Via

    8. And this teacher who got personalised pencils for her students.

    Instagram: @stefa_knee / Via

    9. This teacher who's going to be cleaning up glitter until summer.

    Instagram: @harlikins / Via

    10. This teacher who thought she'd bought a pack of rainbow markers, without realising she'd actually got the "assorted diverse shades" multipack.

    Instagram: @freshteach / Via

    11. And this teacher, whose strength is definitely math, not English.

    Instagram: @karicakes12 / Via

    12. This teacher who experienced a Pinterest fail.

    Instagram: @kegallo3 / Via

    13. This teacher who could not have been more clear.

    Instagram: @year5missireland / Via

    14. This teacher who didn't check what the dot-to-dot image would be before giving it to her students.

    Instagram: @missoliversclassroom / Via

    15. And this one who also didn't pay enough attention.

    Instagram: @mrs_mcmains22 / Via

    16. This teacher who tried her hand at a DIY map.

    Instagram: @mamajubilee / Via

    17. This teacher whose cat got in the way of her marking.

    Instagram: @woo_stick / Via

    18. This teacher who is ready for a career swap.

    Instagram: @jessburly / Via

    19. This teacher whose Play-Doh turned into something from Goosebumps overnight.

    Instagram: @dabrueg / Via

    20. And this one who tried to make crayons with a tray that clearly wasn't microwave-proof.

    Instagram:@hadleyismylove / Via

    21. This teacher, who has to educate even on snow days.

    22. And this one who was greeted with a bottle fort around his desk.

    Imgur: crispycrusader / Via

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