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    18 Photos That Prove Perth Is The Strangest City In Australia

    $90 carrots? Must be Perth.

    1. This fair request:

    imgur: caer /

    2. This friendly welcome:

    imgur: saryky /

    3. This heartfelt apology:

    imgur: NortheyMaclain /

    4. This mode of transport:

    imgur: DeeeDeee /

    5. And this one:

    6. This tribute to our nation's greatest invention:

    Imgur: pineapplepanties /

    7. This moving farewell:

    Imgur: blackdog22 /

    8. This classy home decor:

    9. This questionable way of passing time at work:

    10. And this great way to keep your lawn tidy:

    11. This high price:

    12. This attempt at staying hydrated:

    13. This old mate with a beer beard:

    14. And this Apple enthusiast:

    Channel 9

    15. This parental choice:

    16. These poorly-thought out roadworks:

    17. This handy tool to help keep your chickens free range:

    David Bloxsome:

    18. And this interesting photo choice for kids haircuts:

    Facebook: Adina Rabbone /

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