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26 Things That Happen When You Live In Sydney's Inner West

Inner west is the best.

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1. The North Shore is like an entirely different country.

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2. You love the idea of the beach, but you're never bothered to actually go.

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3. The eastern suburbs are overrated anyway.


4. Only idiots drive down King Street on a Saturday.


5. The 370 bus is always late. Always.

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6. You've complained about the infrequency of train lines on more than one occasion.


7. And we need a train line that covers Glebe, Balmain, Leichhardt, etc.


The Light Rail really doesn't count.

8. There are an overwhelming number of bridal shops along Parramatta Road.

9. It is impossible to get a table at a Glebe cafe on a Saturday without having to wait.


10. And Marrickville is becoming too trendy for its own good.


11. You've frequented Stanmore Maccas at least once after a night out.


12. Broadway Shopping Centre has the best Coles ever.

13. "Inner west is the best" is your personal motto.


14. There are so many great places to get coffee.

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15. And there are a ton of amazing cocktail bars to drink at.


16. Weekend brunch is mandatory.

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17. Your rent is ridiculously high but you wouldn't live anywhere else.

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18. The Marrickville Metro is useless.


19. It is never easy to find street parking.


20. You died a little inside when everyone started coming to Newtown for a night out because of the lockout laws.


21. You boast that you live within walking distance of the CBD but you'd never actually walk there.


22. Cow and Moon > Messina.


23. You miss the Annandale being a live venue, rather than just another ~hip~ pub.


24. Our markets are so much better than the eastern suburbs'.

Glebe, Eveleigh, Rozelle, the list goes on.

25. You live close to everything you could ever possibly need.


26. And when someone you know moves to Sydney, you tell them that the inner west is the only place worth living.

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