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    A Bunch Of 80-Year-Olds Just Re-Created Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” And It’s Iconic


    A New Zealand retirement village has re-created Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" music video with its 80-year-old residents, and guys, it's fucking epic.

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    Like, every frame is a perfect copy.

    Right down to the costumes and breakdancing.

    It's damn inspiring, considering the average age of people in the video is 82.

    And if that's not impressive enough, one of the residents actually made all the costumes.

    You can watch a "making of" video here.

    The video took about a week to make, a spokesperson for the retirement home told BuzzFeed.

    "Our residents do exercise classes and love music," he said. "They did a flash mob at a mall about a year ago and then they did a nude calendar for charity – they love doing different things. They liked the song because it could involve the staff and grandkids as well. When they first saw the video they were a bit nervous but they soon got into it."

    What a vibe.

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