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26 Times Celebrities Were Suprisingly Relatable

In a way, we are all Harry Styles, having a cheeky vom on the side of the highway.

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1. When George Lucas ate noodles alone in a food court.

that moment u realise Jar Jar Binks was an abomination, and your noodles have gone cold #GeorgeLucas #Adelaide

2. When Chrissy Teigen had a spray tan disaster.

Snapchat: Chrissy Teigen

3. When Fergie addressed her pregnancy rumours.

4. When Oprah had kale in her teeth.

5. And when Adele went to the gym.

6. When Hilary Swank hoed into a burger after winning an Oscar.

For all #nominees - this is how you celebrate a #win! #Oscars #FTW #foodporn #burger #AcademyAwards #goodluck

7. When Anna Kendrick went to a Ryan Gosling movie.

Ugh - NEVER going to a Ryan Gosling movie in a theater again. Apparently masturbating in the back row is still considered "inappropriate"

8. When Katy Perry dressed as a Cheeto for Halloween.

My life can be summed up in this one picture of Katy Perry as a cheeto

9. And when Enya was just living her best life.

10. When Selena Gomez was hungry on the red carpet.

Gabriel Olsen / Getty Images / Via

11. And every time Cher overuses emojis on Twitter.


12. When Taylor Swift seemed like a really boring party guest.

13. When Ed Sheeran really didn't want to miss this week's episode.

can i borrow anyones HBO go login to watch this new thrones episode please?

14. And also that one time he misjudged a fart.

15. When Mike Tyson stacked it on a hoverboard.

Instagram: @miketyson

16. When Sarah Silverman had a midnight snack.

2:28am. Just ate an entire loaf of sourdough bread with butter

17. When Hilary Duff was given this cup at Starbucks.

18. When Olivia Wilde enraged the racists.

You never know how many racists follow you until you post something about police brutality. Or Trump.

19. And when Ariana Grande clapped back like this.

20. When Miley Cyrus charged her phone while performing on stage.

Dave Kotinsky / Via Getty Images

21. When Scott Disick had one job.

22. When Christina Applegate had a dirty mind.

Every time I see this box in my garage I think it says something else entirely. Not proud

23. When Lorde stuck up for her BFF.

@diplo should we do something about your tiny penis while we're at it hm

24. When Benedict Cumberbatch went above and beyond for the photobomb.

Getty Images / Kevork Djansezian

25. When Harry Styles chundered on the side of the highway.

i would honestly pay to have harry styles vomit on me

26. And when Pharrell came on but Orlando Bloom was the only one dancing.