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17 GIFs That Accurately Describe The Weather In Sydney

Will today be hot, cold, rainy, sunny, or all of the above?

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1. When the weather report says it'll be sunny, so you don't bring an umbrella to work, and it rains.


2. When you dress for a cold day, but surprise! Suddenly it's really hot.


3. And vice versa.


4. Leaving the house in the middle of summer.


5. When there’s a massive storm after a super hot summer day.

6. When you wake up and the city has disappeared in a blanket of fog.

Disney Channel

7. Trying to drive anywhere when it’s raining.


8. Trying to walk through the city when it’s raining.


9. Being on the train on a really humid day.

10. When the weather forecast is totally off.


11. When you forget your umbrella.


12. When your umbrella blows inside out.

Comedy Central

13. When your hair gets ruined the second you step out of the house.


14. When it starts to cloud over as soon as you’ve hung out your washing, even though it's been sunny all morning.


15. When it's so hot that the pavement is literally melting.


16. Trying to sleep in January.

Cartoon Network

17. And when it rains on Australia Day.