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    Taylor Swift Fans Are Shook By These New Harry Styles Lyrics

    Law and Order: SVU. Song Verification Unit.

    As you probably already know, ya boi Harold Styles is about to release a new album and people everywhere are losing their minds.

    WELL. When he released the track listing a couple of weeks ago, Taylor Swift fans were SHOOKETH. According to them, there's a high chance "Ever Since New York" was written about Taylor and their short relationship in 2012.

    BUT WAIT! BEFORE YOU DECIDE! We have even more evidence of Haylor rising on Harry's new album. (Harry + Taylor = Haylor.)

    🎥|| Harry Styles: Behind the Album (with audio)

    THIS RIGHT HERE is a video of Harry talking about his new album. In the background, you can hear him singing, and there's a shot of him writing lyrics for a song called "Two Ghosts".

    These are the lyrics:

    Now, if you're a fan of Taylor's music, you might already be starting to pick up on things. If not, let me break it down for you.

    There's a song on Taylor's 1989 called "Style", which, you guessed it, is almost definitely about Harry STYLEs. Very clever! Now, compare the pair:

    And yes, as I said, Taylor fans have recently been starved for content. BUT THIS IS DEFINITELY A THING.


    FYI, this isn't the first time Harry has referenced his relationship with Taylor in a song. One Direction's song "Perfect" was very similar to "Style".

    Harry's album is going to be FILLED WITH HAYLOR TEA.

    Also, same.

    I feel bad for anyone that has to deal with me bc I'm so annoying and relate everything to Taylor Swift