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Tourists Stuck In Bali Are Basically Living Their Best Life

AKA stuck on the beach drinking cocktails for a week.

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Volcanic activity in Bali has led to the cancellation of hundreds of flights, leaving tourists stranded with no way of getting home.

#stuckinbali going on day 6. @CSAIR_GLOBAL you're still the worst. 100s of flights out all day and none from you.

Normally, this might be a nightmare, but some travellers can't think of anything better than being stuck in an island paradise.

People have been ~blessed~ with an extra week to enjoy the sunsets...

...the pools...

Volcano got us stuck in Bali... Oh well #CouldBeWorse #AshCloud

... and the delicious food.

The hashtag #StuckInBali has become an accidental tourism campaign.

ABC Bali correspondent office Day 3. #ashcloud #stuckinbali

Because, let's be real, wouldn't you prefer to be here right now?

Our hearts really go out to these individuals.

There's nothing worse than having your tropical holiday extended. Ugh.

The worst.

Making the most of the situation. Can't wait to get home #stuckinbali