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This Dad Designed A Harry Potter Nursery That Is Magical AF

A bedroom fit for the Chosen One.

GUYS, look at this amazing Harry Potter–themed nursery.

Kaycee Daniel‎

It belongs to this 7-month-old, whose dad is a huge fan of the series.

Kristi Lee Photography

I just can't deal with how adorable these photos are.

Kaycee, the bub's mum, told BuzzFeed that the room only took about three months to complete.

Kaycee Daniel‎

"My husband knew right when we were pregnant that he wanted to do a Harry Potter nursery. At first I wasn't sure, to be honest, but after him showing me some ideas, I came around to the idea."

The mural took five days and was completed by their friend Nate Baranowski who is a 3D artist.

Kaycee Daniel‎

It even has paintings on the walls of Sir Cadogan and Dobby!

Kaycee Daniel
Kaycee Daniel

"I am so glad in the end that I came around to the idea," Kaycee said. "I walk into the room every morning and I still can't believe it is in our house!"

Nursery goals.

Kaycee Daniel
Warner Bros.

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