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21 Things You'll Only Understand If You Don't Love Your Job

"I wonder if I could find a sugar daddy who isn't into sex stuff...?"

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1. When you wake up to the sound of Marimba at 7am and you regret everything that's led you to this point: / Via Disney

2. And dragging yourself out of bed should honestly qualify you for an Olympic medal.

3. Whenever anyone walks toward you, holding a folder, you know it's bad news.

Thinkstock / E!

4. So you spend a lot of time avoiding people. / Via FOX

5. And you take your pleasures where you can find them.

6. Because time seems to take on its own quality when you're working.

7. You've realised that you might, in fact, be Squidward.


8. Though there is always one thing which can brighten your day.

9. You spend a lot of your working hours weighing up the pros and cons of switching careers. / Via Sony Pictures

10. Because every night, you're praying for a reason to not go back in the morning.

11. And you'd much prefer to be doing literally anything else than your actual job.

12. As soon as it's home time, you're out of there as fast as possible. / Via Warner Bros.

13. And you'll always, always take an early mark. / Via NBC

14. You spend all week dreaming of what you'll do this weekend, but then you just end up binge-watching in bed.

15. Then you get to work on a Monday and your boss asks how you're doing. / Via NBC

16. You often make the mistake of going out drinking on a work night, and regretting it so damn hard the next day.

17. Because you have to either give up your social life or just be happy with being tired AF all the time.

18. Friday is honestly the best day of your week.

19. But when your boss schedules a meeting for 4pm on a Friday you just can't bring yourself to care about anything they say.


20. But then when the weekend hits you're like "byeeeeeeeee"... but still have to be mildly work-appropriate.

21. Though you know you've gotta go back on Monday and do it all over again.