11 Horrible Things People With Tattoos Have Heard

    "Oh, if you have tattoos, you must be into group sex."

    1. There's the lovely greeting from club bouncers.

    2. The assumption that tattoos change who you are.

    3. And the instant judge of character.

    4. Of course, there are always those people who believe in a direct correlation between your tattoos and your sexual preferences...

    5. ...which seems to happen a lot to tattooed women?

    6. There's the concern from the older, judgmental generation.

    7. And the downright lack of understanding.

    8. There are the haters who love to share their opinion.

    9. Even if it's none of their business.

    10. It would seem that you only get tattoos if you're a pimp.

    11. Or apparently, if you're ugly?