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Someone Built Hogwarts From The Pages Of A "Harry Potter" Book

No books were harmed in the making of this masterpiece.

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A U.S. marketing company has made this stunning stop-motion video recreating Hogwarts entirely from the pages of a Harry Potter book.

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The video's creator, Peter Heacock, told BuzzFeed that he got the idea from watching the Game of Thrones opening sequence.


"I love the intro, but I always thought it would have been better if they actually made it by hand," he said. "After having made this video by hand, I now know why they made that intro in the computer."


The video itself took a month to make, with a lot of trial and error.

"This is by far the longest and most challenging animation we have made to date.

"We had to experiment with glue and paper, and an evolving storyline. We messed up a lot. Simple things took a long time," Heacock said. "Lighting the windows, camera movements and making an origami owl fly are actually big challenges."

But before you get a nervous rash about the thought of a beloved Harry Potter book being sliced up, don't worry.

Heacock told BuzzFeed that he bought a used copy of The Prisoner of Azkaban: "I wasn't allowed to cut up the family copies!"

"After some tests, we discovered that the book pages are actually too thin to support the structures. The solution was to scan the pages of the book and print them on card stock."

You can see more creations from Unpopular Now on their Vine account here.


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