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This Amazing "Harry Potter" Fan Created An IRL "Hogwarts, A History"

Major BFF goals.

Every Harry Potter fan would do anything to get their hands on a copy of Hogwarts, A History.

Luckily for Singapore-based Arshia Chatterjee, her dreams were made a reality, when her friend Meher made this AMAZING recreation of our fave textbook.

The book is insanely detailed, especially considering that it was made in only one night.

"She did do some research, mainly from Pottermore," Arshia told BuzzFeed. "Although she said that some of the stuff she wrote in the book is common knowledge if you're a fan. I don't think she MADE anything up, apart from putting our faces and faces of two of our friends in one of the pages to represent the founders of Hogwarts."

Arshia said that all the gifts they give to each other are Harry Potter related.

"I remember I was telling her about how badly I wanted JK Rowling to write Hogwarts, A History, because it would make such an interesting read, so that's how she decided what she wanted to make for me this year."

We're pretty jealous tbh.

It's a book that even Hermione would be proud to have in her collection.