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    Posted on 6 Jul 2014

    Here's Why The ACT Is NOT The Best Place In Australia

    Trees, Parliament House, and highways. That's it.

    The OECD recently named the Australian Capital Territory as the best place to live in Australia.

    Flickr: 29901446@N07 / Via Creative Commons

    REALLY??? ACT???!! More commonly known as the most boring place in Australia?!

    Flickr: nsgbrown / Via Creative Commons / Via Creative Commons / Via Creative Commons

    Canberra is known to most Australians as that place you go to in Year 5 to learn about the government.

    There is literally nothing at all in the ACT except government buildings... / Via Creative Commons

    ...Grass... / Via Creative Commons

    ...And the highway to the snow. / Via Creative Commons

    The only good thing in the ACT is Questacon, and let's face it, even that gets boring after one visit.

    It USED to be the place to go for porn and fireworks.

    But now its just the porn, and, be honest. You don't need the ACT for that, all you need is an Internet connection.

    The population of the WHOLE TERRITORY is 370,000. THE WHOLE TERRITORY.


    Pixar Animation / Via

    Canberra was built between Melbourne and Sydney because neither city agree which could be the capital.

    FOX / Via

    That's like choosing to eat chicken flavoured chips because all the original and salt & vinegar are sold out.

    To be fair, the ACT is a good place to go to relax... BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING THERE TO DO.

    And everyone knows that it needs to be renamed the roundabout capital of Australia.

    Sorry, ACT, it's time to face the music. You're really nothing special.

    Universal / Via

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