Here’s Why Princess Mary Of Denmark Is The Most Perfect Lady Ever

Human Disney princess alert.

1. This is Princess Mary of Denmark, aka the most flawless and beautiful person in the solar system. / Via Creative Commons

2. Though she is originally from Tasmania, Australia, she met Prince Frederick of Denmark at a Sydney pub in 2000. The pair fell in love and proceeded to become the most beautiful couple ever.

Tim Graham / Via Getty Images

3. Please make way for the most genetically-blessed people ever.

Pool / Via Getty Images

4. And then they had perfect children to complete their perfect family and perfect lives.

Pascal Le Segretain / Via Getty Images

5. Look at those kids. Just look at them and try to say that they are not the cutest family in the whole world.

Harold Cunningham / Via WireImage
Harold Cunningham / Via WireImage

7. Come on, she even looks perfect in the freezing cold sliding down the snow on her butt.

Harold Cunningham / Via WireImage

8. This perfect real-life Disney Princess looks flawless in formal wear…

Tim Graham / Via Getty Images

9. While holding her equally flawless child…

Mark Cuthbert / Via UK Press via Getty Images

10. …And even barefoot with her flawless husband in Hobart.

Patrick Riviere / Via Getty Images

11. Her perfection has been scientifically tested to prove that she could ~never possibly~ do anything wrong.

Lisa Maree Williams / Via Getty Images

12. Her title should really be Princess of Everything That Is Beautiful and Shining.

Christian Augustin / Via Getty Images

13. Now you know of the beauty and splendour that surrounds Princess Mary, go forth and spread the good word.

Torsten Laursen / Via Getty Images

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