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23 Things That Would Have Been Useful To Learn In High School

No but really how do you do insurance?

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1. How to do taxes.


2. How do you health insurance?


3. Also, what's the deal with contents insurance?


4. And how does superannuation work?


5. How to change a tyre.

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6. And how to choose an electricity provider.

7. How to budget properly.

But hey, at least we spent six months on learning Pythagorean theorem.

8. How to cook rice.

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With no crunchy bits and no mushy bits.

9. How to make your clothes seem clean even if they're not.

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10. How to make small talk with someone you hate.

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11. What kind of presents you should bring to a housewarming.


12. How the government actually works.


13. Also how voting acually works???


14. How to clean your oven.


15. How to know that the handyman isn't ripping you off.

16. Healthy meal planning.

17. And how to write a proper shopping list with everything you need for the week.


18. How often you're supposed to wash your jeans.


19. How to get out of a gym contract.


20. What the lights on a car's dashboard actually mean.

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21. How to sew on a button.


22. What kind of vitamins you're supposed to be taking.

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23. And what exactly a fuse is and how to change one.