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22 Questions All Functioning Adults Need To Answer

How do you know that you're not being ripped off by the handyman?

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1. Do you have a savings account? That you actually put money in?

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2. What percentage of your monthly pay do you put in your savings?


3. How can you actually afford to buy a HOUSE?


4. How important is contents insurance?

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5. How do you know the plumber's not ripping you off?


6. Do you actually ~understand~ taxes?


7. How important is it to clean out your gutters?

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8. How often are you supposed to clean your house?


9. How do you choose a "good school" for your kids?


10. Do you still dream about what you wanna be when you grow up?


11. Do you actually and totally understand the concept of superannuation?


12. Is your shopping list filled with things like bran and goji berries?


13. Do you actually buy only groceries on your shopping list?


14. Do you eat the recommended serves of fruit and vegetables every day?

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15. How much did your washing machine cost?

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16. Do you read everything you sign?

17. Do you understand what every light on your car dashboard actually means?


18. Do you know how a credit score actually works?

19. Should I be cleaning my oven?


20. Do you go to bed at a reasonable time every night?

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21. How many nights a month do you get takeout?


22. And do you ever just say: "Fuck this, I'm having ice cream for dinner"?