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    This Baker Is Turning Heartache Into Stunning Cakes

    Giving a whole new meaning to "eating your feelings".

    Isabella Giancarlo, a designer from Brooklyn, is turning words of heartache into tasty treats for a project called Eat Your Heart Out.

    "Break-ups are often so fraught with awkwardness, cliches, and lines that stay with us long after they've been said," Isabella told BuzzFeed.

    "Part therapy, part poetry, through Eat Your Heart Out I sought to sweeten words that initially took my appetite away."

    Isabella originally sourced quotes from her friends and her own experiences of heartbreak, but is now taking submissions on her website.

    "My aim is to allow people to engage with break-up feelings in a new way," Isabella told BuzzFeed.

    Isabella Giancarlo

    Because you might have a broken heart, but at least you'll have delicious cake.

    Isabella Giancarlo


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