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25 Brands Who Are Just As Embarrassing As Your Parents

DANGGGGGG DANIEL! Via r/fellowkids.

1. The Hot Wheels Skate Centre, who couldn't even get "Damn Daniel" right.

2. The University of Madison who tried to jump on the bandwagon, but, like... why?

3. And whatever the fuck is going on here.

4. This church, that tried to get on board with the cool lingo.

5. And this church that is trying (hard) to make youth group cool again.

6. This university who tried to prove that they're ~hip~ and ~with it~.

7. This dentist who decided to jump on board the meme train.

8. And 7/11, who tried their hand at making their own (questionable) "meme".

9. This book which will definitely get the youth interested in Shakespeare.

10. Burger King hit peak dad by trying to show they know a thing or two about rap music.

11. Whoever thought this was the perfect way to get the youth involved in blood donation.

12. This school??? That made a display case??? Filled with snow day memes????

13. The People For Bernie Sanders, who don't really understand how to use "dank" properly.

14. George Washington University, who are keeping things 🔥.

15. This restaurant, who knows how to do the hip internet thing.

16. American Eagle, who is apparently a 14-year-old Tumblr user.

17. Marco Rubio, who is totally OK with people wearing this t-shirt.

18. This bro-ey psychology textbook.

19. Jeff Garthwait, OK?

20. Eggo, who think all circles are identical.

21. Scholastic, who somehow seem to be contradicting themselves?

22. And this super #cool #wrapping #paper.

23. This burger place, where employees will laugh at you if you're not careful.

24. Fanta Australia, where the cans are on fleek.

25. And McDonalds, who really wants to get the fellow kids to download the app, amirite?!