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This Is What $1 Million Houses Look Like In Australia

It seems that the key is to live anywhere other than Sydney.

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Harrington Park, Sydney, NSW - $980,000

A modern, four-bedroom house with a pool and outdoor gym area, located 60km from the Sydney CBD. All the bedrooms have built-in wardrobes, and there's a huge kitchen and study.

Emerald Beach, NSW - $995,000

If you're looking for a zen AF house near the beach, this is the one for you. This property has five bedrooms, a swimming pool, an open-plan living and dining space, and a huge-ass kitchen. It's not even in the middle of nowhwere; Emerald Beach is about a 20 minute drive from Coffs Harbour on the NSW north coast.


Wagga Wagga, NSW - $930,000

This traditional five-bedroom farm house is set on 160 acres of arable farm land with four separate paddocks, silos, and two sheds. It also has a pool and is 10 minutes from the centre of Wagga. And you could probably fit 800 Sydney $1 million apartments on that land.

Southbank, Melbourne, Vic - $1,069,000

This three-bedroom apartment is in a brand new building with a pool, gym, and private cinema. It has a huge balcony and amazing sweeping views of the city and is honestly just depressing when you compare it to Sydney's CBD apartment offering.

Ascot Vale, Melbourne, Vic - $950,000

This quaint AF little cottage looks just like the stereotypical white picket fence house you dreamed about owning as a kid. On the inside, it's bright and airy, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and is located about 5km outside of the Melbourne CBD.

Ballarat, Vic - $995,000

This six-bedroom mega-mansion in Ballarat actually looks like somewhere that you could see the Kardashians having a holiday. It's goddamn huge but also really modern, with stunning views. And it's less than 100km from Melbourne so you can just nip down there on weekends.


Belair, Adelaide, SA - $895,000

Located 25 minutes from the Adelaide CBD, living here would really be the definition of "best of both worlds". It has four bedrooms and floor-to-ceiling windows which lets you make the most of the stunning views surrounding the house.

Port Lincoln, SA - $1,040,000

Located literally right on the water, this huge-ass house is perfect if you've always wanted to pretend you live in Venice. It's got three bedrooms and a huge lawn, as well as built-in wardrobes and a place to park your boat.

Cottesloe, Perth, WA - $1.1 million

It's been dubbed "Cottesloe's Coolest House", and you can kinda see why. Not only is it a rustic dream, it's 5 minutes from the beach and has a built-in BBQ in the backyard. Just think of how many great Instagram photos you can take on that porch.


Yallingup, WA - $975,000

This spacious four-bedroom house is set on an acre of land, complete with a rainwater tank, gazebo, and a stream during the colder months. It's 10 minutes from the beach, but has a spa in the backyard for when you really cbf leaving the house.

Cable Beach, WA - $995,000

If you're cool with living in the very sleepy town that is Cable Beach, then this house is A+ perfect. It's got five bedrooms, a pool, and a zen-like aura which will make you feel like you're in a Balinese resort. Plus it's right near the beach because it gets hot AF in that part of WA.

Nightcliff, Darwin, NT – $948,000

Once you get past the fact that Nightcliff definitely sounds like a murder village in England, this seems like a pretty swell place to live. First off, there are six bedrooms, timber floors, a pool, and a gazebo. Perfect for showing off.

Lyons, Darwin, NT - $990,000

This home is modern, filled with natural light, and will be the perfect place to take photos and make your high school friends jealous. It's set on a huge 1000m2 block, and the house itself has four bedrooms and aircon throughout.

Red Hill, Brisbane, Qld. – $955,000

Red Hill is about 3km from the Brisbane CBD, so it's away from the hustle and bustle without being isolated. (Lol jk, it's Brisbane. You're isolated.) The house is super modern, with four bedrooms and three car spots.


Castle Hill, Townsville, Qld. – $1.098 million

Now this is what I'm talking about. This is the kind of home that they photograph for fancy coffee table books that no one reads. It's got four bedrooms and is pretty near to the beach, but has a nice infinity pool so you don't have to mix with the commoners while you swim.

Allenstown, Rockhampton, Qld. – $1.1 million

This is a building with FOUR three-bedroom units, right near the CBD (if you could call it that). Yes, for the cost of a one-bedroom box in Sydney, you can get twelve bedrooms in Rockhampton. Sick one.

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