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    5 Aug 2015

    32 Hilarious Truths About Growing Up Kiwi

    "Fish 'n' chips, make me want to lick my lips."

    1. The excitement when this happened.

    #growingupkiwi #newzealand whenever someone mentions new zealand on tv

    2. Because usually we're so ignored.

    #GrowingUpKiwi Being so excluded from the rest of the world. Even Facebook doesn't acknowledge us 😂😭😂

    3. When you just wanted a feijoa but had none at home.

    #growingupkiwi stealing feijoas off your neighbour's tree

    4. This jingle which was always in your head.

    "The warehouse, the warehouse, where everyone gets a bargain" #growingupkiwi

    5. And also this jam.

    #growingupkiwi i like fish and chips yeah, fish and chips, make me wanna like my lips, eat them for breakfast, lunch and tea,

    6. These iconic ads.

    Stick figure pak n sav ads #growingupkiwi

    7. The best part of Sunday mornings.

    #growingupkiwi Sunday mornings was what now

    8. And your night-time ritual.

    watching goodnight kiwi before bed. #growingupkiwi

    9. This morning struggle.

    @michaelssponge marmite or jam on toast? #growingupkiwi

    10. Our national uniform in winter...

    #growingupkiwi wearing socks and jandals were your everyday style

    11. ...and in summer.

    #GrowingUpKiwi wearing no shoes when walking down the street

    12. (Though you had to watch out for prickles.)

    Wanna play touch? Does your grass have prickles? #GrowingUpKiwi

    13. The life goal that you never mentioned to your parents.

    14. These delicacies.

    15. The travesty you still haven't been able to recover from.

    #growingupkiwi when they replace harry on shortland street and they looked nothing alike

    16. And you'll never forget this national state of emergency.

    #GrowingUpKiwi that one time we ran out of marmite and it was a national crisis

    17. The best day of the school year was always the day you got your Duffy Books.

    #growingupkiwi getting to choose your two Duffy books!

    18. Having to explain this when you went overseas.

    #growingupkiwi "no New Zealand is not part of Australia"

    19. And getting so sick of Aussies.

    #growingupkiwi having Australia trying to claim everything that is ours - pavlova - pineapple lumps -Lorde Etc.

    20. These omnipresent snacks.

    #GrowingUpKiwi gross as asparagus rolls at a kids birthday party

    21. The north vs. south rivalry.

    #growingupkiwi the South Island and the North Island act like 2 different countries

    22. And the best part of being in Year 6.

    #growingupkiwi u only lookd forward to being a year 6 bc it meant u got to lead the school in jump jam

    23. When your principal tried really, really hard.

    #growingupkiwi having to listen to your principal speak moari when he's actually just a white guy who can't pronounce anything

    24. But it just came out like this.

    #growingupkiwi listening to school principles be like 'tin of cocoa tin of cocoa tin of cocoa car door' at the end of every speech

    25. When you just wanted to get through to the Teleops.

    The one time you actually get through to the Teleops, you're so nervous that you hang up immediately. Maybe that was just me. #growingupkiwi

    26. The best thing at the school canteen.

    #growingupkiwi getting moosies from the tuck shop. BLUE FLAVOUR WAS THE BEST.

    27. Though Juicies were pretty damn good as well.

    borrowing $2 off ur mates to buy one of these at lunch #growingupkiwi (and yes, I can be a kiwi with the surname kim)

    28. The worst school rule ever.

    #growingupkiwi when you had to sit under the tree whilst everyone played in the sun because you forgot your hat lmao

    29. And the way we all learned about health.

    Learning about drugs from that giraffe puppet #growingupkiwi

    30. Our unofficial motto.

    "Crumbed or battered?" #growingupkiwi

    31. That sweet shopping transition.

    #GrowingUpKiwi feeling proud when you moved from Pumpkin Patch clothes up to Urban Angel

    32. And that horrifying moment when Thingee's eye popped out on live TV.

    Thingy eye popping on national tv #growingupkiwi

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